Here are some REAL FAN MAILS and REVIEWS praising Forever Fifteen:


I had the pleasure of listening to Steele’s Forever Fifteen recently, albeit much later than its release. I have to say that this was much more entertaining and hearty than many vampire books I have read. I remember being quite disappointed by the recent vampire books and movie just released recently (I won’t mention it here, but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about). Steele’s book was a welcome adventure, and I look forward to reading more of her work.


One of the best stories about vampires in *any* medium!


At first glance I wasn’t sure this book would be interesting to me. Being that I’m a guy and there was a girl on the cover I thought it might be some prissy novel. But it was about vampires so I thought I’d give it a try. Man was I wrong. This story was great. I had to try to limit myself on the number of episodes I listened to in one sitting just to make it last long enough. My roommate probably thought I was nuts just sitting on my bed for hours at a time staring off into space listening to Forever Fifteen. Or when I took it with me to the restroom and laundry room not able to turn it off. Sadly all good stories must come to an end. You know a story is good when you feel a little depressed when it’s over. This was one of those books. I don’t know if there is going to be a sequel or if there even could be, but believe me if there is I’ll be one of the first to subscribe.


I generally detest vampire stories. I just have no interest. Somehow I started listening to this one and instantly got hooked. Kimberly did a great job developing the characters. Her writing style was right down my ally. I loved it!


This story is absolutely wonder! I have never been interested in vampire stories, but my daughter recommended I listen to it. I was pleasantly surprised that it was well written, excellent story line, and the characters are well written. Kimberly Steele knows how to bring a book to life! I find myself missing the characters and I have yet to find another book that can hold a candle to this one!


I really like this book! It actually inspired me to read more Vampire novels, and gave me some ideas for my own stories that I am trying to write. All the characters were believable, and I really felt for the main character. It was an easy read [actually I listened to it on audio-tape] but I couldnt put it down [turn it off].


I really like this book and thought it was a great book. I enjoyed it a lot and I think anyone who enjoys vampire books should read this book. I found it different from other vampire books that I’ve read because usually the vampire is the male and the human is the female. But, in this book it is switched around. So it was great viewing a different point of view than usual


I really enjoyed listening to the book. I loved Lucy’s comments throughout the story, Steele captured the personality of the vampire perfectly. Steele has created a wonderful set of charectors, and I look forward to reading (or listening) to more of her books.

Lucy felt very real in her actions which is not something that normally happens in most novels these days. To find a realistic (and non jazzed up) version of the past was very refreshing. I liked that Steele did not shy away from vividly describing ‘gross’ aspects of common life in the past, especially when she wrote about life during the dark ages and the black death.


An adult romance horror novel of a fifteen year old vampire named Lucy that has existed for hundred of years. We follow her through highschool and her memories of life earlier and the complication that follow being hundred of years old in a teenagers body, being a blood-sucking vampire, and general high-school problems that only get worse. A good read, not for children. The sex scenes are gratuitous, Lucy’s character deep and interesting, her past even more so, her high school life isn’t atypical exactly and doesn’t make you dread the book becoming another twilight. Overall, a good read, I would love to read a sequel, and it available as a book on amazon and as a podcast on itunes and


I downloaded this as a free audiobook in Itunes. I loved this book. Vampire, Horror, Gore and Romance, it was just brilliant. I never picked the ending! I always usually pick the ending of books, they are usually so predictable, this one however was not. Just fantastic.


This was amazing and addictive. I had to carry my headphones to work so I get lost with Lucy. waiting with anticipation for the sequel.


A vastly superior take on High School vampires than “Twilight.” Part of what makes vampires cool is their history, their long lives and this book takes full advantage of that along with mixing it with the dramas of modern-day adolescence.

You are locked into the main character, feel what she feels (both past and present) and it all works.


Fell in love with this from the first episode, each one was not too long but well written and read. Loved the way the two story lines weaved, the tale from the past and present and then how she finally finds her love but has to wait, tugs the heart strings but in a nice way.


When I read the blurb for Forever Fifteen, I thought it sounded interesting. That turned out to be a huge understatement.

As I recall, Kimberly Steele did not have a publisher yet, so she was reading and posting this book a chapter at a time. So, for me the experience of listening to this story ended up being like a comic book or TV series. “I can’t believe I have to wait another week to find out what happens next!



This is a very wonderful read, definitely if you hated or loved Twilight. Compared to Bella, Lucy is a very likeable and understandable character (and hey! you actually know what she looks like, unlike Bella) who also has a few major flaws. It is definitely her flaws that make her so interesting as a character, especially since they aren’t the normal “the world hates me and I wish I would die” teenage angst ones. Lucy is a survivor in her culture and world. Her life was all very well portrayed.


A very excellent vampire book it doesn’t follow the usual form and It kept me up reading it. This book is a must-read for anyone who loves vampire books.


There will be inevitable comparisons of this book with the the Twilight books, given the latter’s mainstream success. If I were to draw any comparison between the two, it would be that while the Twilight series is clearly aimed at teenage girls, Forever Fifteen is by no means a book for adolescents. I said above that this book concerns itself with the practicalities a vampire would face, this has to include sex and death, which Forever Fifteen tackles, while Twilight self-censors itself around those topics.

I not only recommend this to fans of the vampire genre, but I would also (and frequently do), recommend this as a first vampire book for anyone interested in the genre.


Thanks for putting your book out on the web! I have listened to it over the last several days at work and have really enjoyed it. I applaud you for pursuing an unconventional distribution method and hopes it works out for you. I will certainly be dropping a PayPal donation your way in return for the hours of enjoyment I just received.


I just had to say how much I have enjoyed listening to your audiobook. Lucy is what all of us dirty old men dream of (I”m 45) lol But seriously, I completly enjoyed the book, you have a lovely voice, which only added to the excitement of some of the more steamy portions.

I have read some of the other assorted vampire novels, but have enjoyed yours the best as yours gives a more realistic view of what I would think a vampire would be.

I hope you have some more offerings soon along the same vein. I would think with the popularity of this book, you should have an easier time with a book contract.


I just wanted to say I LOVED THE BOOK, I LOVED THE BOOK. This was my first time listening to an audio book. Please tell me there is a part 2? It would be interesting to find out what happened to Lucy and John after she turned him.


I am really enjoying Forever Fifteen. Though, I may not be the target demographic (I’m a 36 year old guy), the writing is fluid and the character very engaging. I just happened to find your novel on iTunes while looking for some new podcasts. I am a fan of vampires and werewolves and supernatural romance, so I thought I would give it a try. I am glad I did.

Great work. I look forward to listening to the rest of the story and reading more of your fiction in the future.


The story was fantastic and a unique take on the vampire genre. You captured teenage angst in a good way and I love how despite the fact that the character is actually hundreds of years old she still has that, or at least acts the part very well to make try to avoid suspicions. You also have the perfect reading voice for this story. It helped me view her as sophisticated and obviously seriously over-educated for her age (appearence-wise). I’ve often thought being ancient in disguise is the real attractiveness of a vampires fans/victims to them and not actually anything magical. Their style and education simply due to their real age makes human peers want to be them or be with them.


I have really enjoyed the book. I have just travelled across the USA from NYC to Los Angeles. There were many times whilst on the Amtrak that this book provided lots of entertainment. I love the humour and character development. It is very strong material. Are there any related publications?