River’s Heart has been at Amazon for a while now but now it is also available for Nook again. It is also available from Omnilit.com as an HTML doc for people without eReaders like Nook or Kindle.

I designed the cover myself to depict my favorite part of the book (yes, I have a favorite part of my own book, LOL, as well as not-favorite parts) where Ann is about to eat a child molester she has lured to an old abandoned cabin. Little does he know that the child he planned on preying upon is actually a predator…

I have been in the Kimberly Steele Studio recording the second book of the Forever Fifteen series. The new chapters will be available at the old iTunes Forever Fifteen Free Vampire audiobook podcast feed. The first half of Chapter One is already there. I have recorded up to Chapter 3 but I have not had time to edit the chapters and post them.

Just letting everyone know that I will be putting River’s Heart “back” on Nook after September 21, 2013. I did a series of Kindle Direct promotions for River’s Heart that obligated me to limit River’s Heart to Amazon but that time is almost over.

River’s Heart is now exclusively available on Amazon and it is free for Amazon Prime members.

new River's Heart cover

Cover Design by Kimberly Steele

February 24, 2013

Thanks Forever Fifteen fans for given me reasons to spring out of bed in the morning with your sweet emails and awesome reviews!   I have taken a break from writing 1000 words a day on Forever Fifteen so I can finish layout and gruntwork on my ILoveMusicTheory Guitar Method series.  Thanks for your patience!!  In the meantime, please consider reading River’s Heart, I think if you liked Forever Fifteen, you’ll find a lot to like in it.

River’s Heart is about Ann Rivers, a vampire perpetually stuck at age 13 after bearing witness to the destruction of her village and her people when white settlers take over her homeland in late 18th century Illinois.  We follow Ann to her modern day life with the Yardie family, where she is a foster child among religious zealots.   The Yardies barely cling to their over-mortgaged mansion in suburbia while Ann desperately tries to hide her grisly meals: a homeless man who frequents the Yardies in-home church services, several would-be child molesters at an abandoned cabin in a nearby, less well-to-do suburb.  The strained atmosphere of the Yardie’s palatial home is worsened by a foster-father denying his gay sexual-orientation under a thick veneer of Christian armor, a foster mother with unnatural appetites, and a foster sister who is slowly starving herself to death.  Ann makes unlikely friends and falls in love with her teenage foster brother Tyler in her tense environment.  Ann’s murderous Rage and bittersweet memories of her old Indian village life begin to catch up with her as bullies prey on her newfound friends.  She begins to cross the line, destroying the bullies who torment her and her friends.  As the tenuous family life of the Yardies begins to disintegrate, Ann struggles to suppress her inner monster.  However, not all monsters come with the predicament of vampirism…

Again, thanks for your constant support of my indie writing career, your heartwarming emails, and all of the “Twilight sucks compared to you” quips, Forever Fifteen fans are the light of my life.

If you enjoyed Forever Fifteen: River’s Heart is a vampire story. It’s similar to Forever Fifteen with its teenage female vampire protagonist, but there are differences. Ann, the vampire, is frozen at 13. Her background is Native American and she is born somewhere near the year 1790. She’s a foster child, like Lucy, except she has chosen mostly to survive in the woods rather than frequent foster homes as Lucy chose to do.

River's Heart by Kimberly Steele for Kindle

My 5th novel, River's Heart

Whew! It has been a long journey, River’s Heart is over 300,000 words. Thanks to Marie Wilson Krieger for helping edit and proofread.

Here’s my official book description:
From the author who brought you Forever Fifteen: Ann is a vampire. She has been thirteen ever since the period when her people, a Native American tribe of the Upper Mississippi, were brutally wiped off the planet by white settlers in the dawning years of the nineteenth century.

Ann learns how profound her appreciation is for her old adoptive Native family when she falls in with a new foster one in the form of the Yardies, a brood headed by WASP patriarch Nathan, who loves Christ almost as much as he hates gays.

Ann battles her monumental Rage in the strained environment of the Yardie’s palatial McMansion while trying to survive her teenage crush on the Yardie’s sweet golden-boy son, Tyler. On the surface, she’s an ideal student trying not to make waves in a middle school bought and paid for by the families of bullies. Underneath, she is conflicted, sorrowful, and capable of anger like few have ever known.

Can she keep her Rage in check as the Yardie family disintegrates under the massive weight of its own hypocrisy?

Price at all retailers: $2.99

River’s Heart for Amazon Kindle
River’s Heart at OmniLit.com (ePub and Mobi formats
River’s Heart for Nook 


Yay!  Forever Fifteen II: Burial is now available for Nook at BarnesandNoble.com for $5.99~

Thanks to FF fan Adrienne for reminding me to get on this…

Dear Forever Fifteen fans:

Today I began writing the third and final book of the Forever Fifteen series. I just completed 1050 words and will be maintaining a 1000 word a day goal until the book is complete.  I wrote 1050 words today exactly by about noon.

You can follow my daily progress on Twitter @queeniemusic or get a few more details by hitting Like on my Forever Fifteen Free Audiobook Facebook page.


Thanks for your support!


Kimberly Steele

Buy the first sequel to Forever Fifteen, Forever Fifteen II: Burial for ePub, HTML, and PDF readers.

FFII: Burial is already available for Amazon Kindle and in print.

I will start a 1000 word a day goal writing the third and final book in the Forever Fifteen trilogy on November 1, 2012. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Nanowrimo or National Novel Writing Month, which I have never actually entered, it’s that writing 1000 words a day is not hard.


The only issue I take with Nanowrimo is that it sets a deadline, namely December of each year. I’ve used the 1000 words a day strategy to complete 2 novels, River’s Heart (300K words, still in proofreading with my editor) and Forever Fifteen II: Burial (approximately 85K words) and 2 novellas, Honey (40K words, published) and Money (35K words, still in draft stage). This is from me to the other writers, and you know you’re all encouraged to contact me at kimberly dot steele at-sign comcast. net: If you bother starting to write 1000 words a day, FOR PETE’S SAKE DON’T STOP AFTER 30 DAYS!! You’re done writing 1000 words a day when the novel is done. That means you might be at it for 2 years if you write J.K. Rowling length material! When I was writing River’s Heart and the others, I rarely skipped a day, not even Thanksgiving and Christmas.


So anyway, where was I in all that rambling? Oh yes, Nook versions of Forever Fifteen. For a short time longer, Forever Fifteen is available as a free Nook book, so get it while you can. I am working on offering Forever Fifteen on Nook for 99 cents soon, however, a previous version was being sold on Nook for $8.99 unbeknownst to me by Lulu.com. This version has now been taken down as per my request.


Forever Fifteen and its sequel, Burial, will hopefully be available by the 2012 holidays for Nook.

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