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NEW Forever Fifteen Short Story! Just for you FF Fans who are sad with the publication of FF3 that the series is “complete”… hello, in my world, NOTHING is ever complete!

Here is the first of a planned series of short stories told from the point of view of Forever Fifteen’s characters. This first one belongs to teenaged John Diedermayer, shortly before he introduces himself to Lucy for the first time. It is called “The Question”.

Click HERE to read The Question

I am in the final proofreading stages for Forever Fifteen III: Liberation.  I anticipate bringing you the eBook sometime in October 2014 or possibly sooner than that!  Also, I am writing a series of Forever Fifteen character vignettes in short story form, which will be available free from this site.  Stay tuned!

The Butterfly Collector eBook is currently available for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and AllRomance.  AllRomance has an HTML version for those without eReaders like Nook or Kindle.

The Butterfly Collector, a short story by Kimberly Steele: Winner of Horror Addicts Best in Blood Award.

Steve is an inconspicuous vampire posing as a nineteen year old college student. He likes to brutally murder his typically young, virgin, female victims after seducing them and getting them to pledge their undying love as he laughs at them inwardly. For Steve is no ordinary vampire – he coldly feasts upon the souls of his victims as well as their bodies.

Steve meets an unusual college co-ed, a bright Chinese American woman named Jenny.

Though she’s not the most beautiful or alluring woman he’s ever seduced, Jenny is precocious and compelling. She also has the oddest hobby — she collects butterflies.

My friend Shaunessy has a new short horror story for the contest, Masters of Macabre. It’s the male counterpart of the Wicked Women Writers’ contest in which my story Greed was featured as part of the Seven Deadly Sins.

The challenge in the Masters of Macabre contest was to write and record a story based on the following:

1. a phobia
2. an event
3. a boy toy

Shaunessy’s assignment was:

1. spectrophobia (fear of mirrors and one’s own reflection)
2. a bachelor party
3. a motorcycle

Well, what are you waiting for?  Go to the Masters of Macabre and vote for No. 7!

I enjoy bringing you the smut.

Here’s your nice smut with a side of smut-sauce called Greed (The Tongue). It’s a short story I wrote in a feverish 2 days for a contest that ended up being 50 minutes too long.

It’s based on a diabolical Persian fairy tale about a man who wants to be rich & live the easy life. He makes a bargain with a hot demon named Tina and she gives him everything he asked for and more, plus a demon tongue!

Contains adult situations (sex), language, drug references, graphic violence, etc. Rated R.

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