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Deluxe paperback only $9.70, ships everywhere.

As I have mentioned, I have wanted to go back and professionally edit my paperbacks for a long time.  So I have started by professionally editing & re-issuing the deluxe paperback version of my first novel, Forever Fifteen.  If you have bought Forever Fifteen as a Kindle ebook, it is now enrolled in Amazon’s program called Kindle Matchbook where the ebook price is lowered ($2.99 or less) if you bought the hard copy.

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Shadeylight: Vella the Virgin Vegan Vampire will be FREE on Kindle through the end of March 2015.


So you might have wondered what I have been up to since finishing Forever Fifteen… well, I decided to write a parody novella of both Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey called Shadeylight: Vella the Virgin Vegan Vampire.


My spoof ties together both Twilight and Fifty Shades with a character named Vella Vaughan, a ditzy but beautiful chestnut haired self-described “petite former fashion model and tomboy” who moves to Sharts, a mall-infested suburb of Chicago, Illinois.  Vella meets Xavier Cash, the dashing CEO of Cash Money Group Enterprise Holdings, an obsessive part-unicorn billionaire with a nasty meat-eating habit and severe mommy issues.  Their torrid romance begins after Xavier rescues Vella from her own Ford Pinto, though he is never sure of Vella’s loyalty because of the proximity of resident Sharts hotties Jean-Pierre La Fine and Juan Changa de la Mer.


I poke a bit of fun at my own vamp series, Forever Fifteen too in the midst of all the “oh mys”, “holy Moses”, lip-chewing, weird lapses into British slang, and murmuring.



What do you think would happen if two of the worst English language books ever written mated and had a lovechild?

From the same sludgy scorpion morass of “inspiration” that brought you Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey comes Shadeylight: Vella the Virgin Vegan Vampire, the scintillating story of a girl who only wants to understand the workings of her no-no without actually touching it or looking at it.

Meet Vella Vaughan, hottie coed at Sharts Community College, the innocent, young, chestnut-haired, virgin sweet dreams are made of. When tri-color haired billionaire and concert pianist Xavier Cash sashays into her life, he sweeps her into a world of sexual intrigue that endangers her chances of wearing magical long underwear on her wedding night.

Xavier quickly finds Vella is not your average Mary Sue. Along with her tractor-beam magnetism (despite the fact she is an antisocial, narcissistic klutz with at least three personalities, including a nymphomaniac, bukkake-porn watching inner goddess and a militant vegan subconscious) Vella has her own vampiric secrets to hide.

Who will win the right to mate with our beautiful, vacuous heroine? Will it be Jean-Pierre La Fine, chesty three-wolf tattoed French-reservation dweller? Will it be Juan Changa del Mar, gorgeous, shape-shifting Hispanican art student? Or will it be Xavier Cash, capitalist oligarch one-percenter with rabid mommy-issues and a penchant for rapey BDSM?

Shadeylight’s ample features include:

-Heaving bosoms and straining zippers!
-Sparkling humanoid wussy men!
-Offensive ethnic and racial stereotypes!
-Grammatical errors!
-Hot guys making out with each other!
-Random lapses into British dialects!
-A fast food mascot clown with a bulge!
-Marauding bacon trolls!

Now with 78% less pedophilia than the originals, Shadeylight is the answer to badly written, first person narratives about self-obsessed, skinny white girls who witlessly discard every achievement won for them by feminists past and present. Read it now, lest productive thoughts and actual good uses of your time start getting in the way!



Forever Fifteen 3, the third book and final sequel of the Forever Fifteen series is now available for Kindle!

Find out what happens to Lucy and John after she turns him.  Life in New York with her true love is wonderful, however, there is the ghoulish problem of procuring victims for John to eat.  Also, did you really expect Sebastian would stand idly by while Lucy and John lived out the rest of their unnaturally long lives?  Hell no!!!  Martin and Esther are also back for the end book of the Lucia Alberti Trilogy.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you!  FYI, I am in the process of improving and I will be doing a series of free short story one-shots from the point of views of various Forever Fifteen characters, starting with John Diedermayer.  Yes, I do plan on making all three books into free audio at some point in the not-so-near future.

Please keep checking both here and at for the latest & greatest.

I love my readers!

Forever Fifteen 3: Liberation

The Butterfly Collector eBook is currently available for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and AllRomance.  AllRomance has an HTML version for those without eReaders like Nook or Kindle.

The Butterfly Collector, a short story by Kimberly Steele: Winner of Horror Addicts Best in Blood Award.

Steve is an inconspicuous vampire posing as a nineteen year old college student. He likes to brutally murder his typically young, virgin, female victims after seducing them and getting them to pledge their undying love as he laughs at them inwardly. For Steve is no ordinary vampire – he coldly feasts upon the souls of his victims as well as their bodies.

Steve meets an unusual college co-ed, a bright Chinese American woman named Jenny.

Though she’s not the most beautiful or alluring woman he’s ever seduced, Jenny is precocious and compelling. She also has the oddest hobby — she collects butterflies.

River’s Heart has been at Amazon for a while now but now it is also available for Nook again. It is also available from as an HTML doc for people without eReaders like Nook or Kindle.

I designed the cover myself to depict my favorite part of the book (yes, I have a favorite part of my own book, LOL, as well as not-favorite parts) where Ann is about to eat a child molester she has lured to an old abandoned cabin. Little does he know that the child he planned on preying upon is actually a predator…

River’s Heart is now exclusively available on Amazon and it is free for Amazon Prime members.

new River's Heart cover

Cover Design by Kimberly Steele