I have been recently made aware of Forever 16, a Lifetime movie that has a plot eerily similar to Forever Fifteen. A vampire housed in the body of a 16 year old girl tries to survive in a modern day high-school setting.

“Sixteen-year old Raven Highgate is not your average teenager, she is a vampire and this is her umpteenth time attending a new high school to keep her identity hidden. But when a local cop reveals she knows Raven’s secret and offers to introduce Raven to others of her kind in exchange for help catching a murderer loose in the school, Raven has no choice but to accept. . .but at what cost?”


In the case of Forever 16, the girl is named Raven Highgate and she rides a motorbike. I have not had a chance to watch Forever 16 in its entirety. From what my friend said, Raven ends up helping the police solve crimes like a vampire Nancy Drew in exchange for them assisting her in keeping her low profile and not outing her as a vampire.

Is this plagiarism? Most people I talk to are and saying “yes” I should be outraged. I really don’t know. The Forever Fifteen free audiobook has been downloaded over 1 million times, however, that doesn’t mean every single person on Earth has heard of it or that some person would make a copy-cat version of it.

From what I have seen of this film, it is a bit unfortunate. Ham-fisted in the acting, heavy-handed, with massive holes in the plot. A vampire who is supposedly trying to be incognito yet wears black rubber spandex bodysuits, attracts abject worship of her beauty, and has eyes that go the color of Liquid Paper when she reads someone’s mind. A thrift store CGI raven that follows her around. The problem of who she is going to eat conveniently solved with pilfering from blood banks. Yeah, the trouble with watered-down vampires is they’re watered down. Not quite as exciting as imagining the real thing.



I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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  1. James Jameson Says:

    I watched the movie it sucked at best they took your idea and ruined it with a total lack of talent. I posted this on LMN facebook page: “I saw the movie forever sixteen and was appalled as in 2005 Kimberly Steele wrote a book forever fifteen. Your movie sucked Kim’s book was great. If any of you enjoy vampire books and movies try Kimberly V Steele’s forever fifteen it is a great read but her vamp is a true killer.”

    Keep writing Kim we will keep reading.

  2. JC Says:

    The titles are similar, but the main characters and their lives sound very different to me. Doesn’t seem copied IMO.

  3. lona Says:

    why is it that when I research this movie on movie websites and youtube, I don’t get it at all. I really like this movie and I want to see it again.

  4. Jessica Says:

    She doesn’t wear rubber or spandex at all… In fact her jacket is from Danier and the jeans from Guess…Which is the only black she wears pretty much all show.

  5. Ashley McConnell Says:

    I just watched the movie, yet I have not read your book to know if they are the same. I will say the movie was OK and I think there will be a #2 to complete it. As for “A vampire who is supposedly trying to be incognito yet wears black rubber spandex bodysuits, attracts abject worship of her beauty, and has eyes that go the color of Liquid Paper when she reads someone’s mind.”
    She is toned down to blend in. She looks pretty average for the most part. She isn’t perfect looking or anything. She doesn’t really wear black rubber spandex bodysuits all around in the movie. I think she has a black jacket and pants on maybe once while riding her motorcycle, which she seems to ride only when no one will recognize her. She could ride the bike to school, but she doesn’t. She gets dropped off like any other kid. She really doesn’t attract attention/worship with her body or looks. She is actually not really paid THAT much attention to at first or at all. Here and there, maybe, but she mostly seemed to have the attention of the “out-cast” kid (financial aid kid) than anyone else. The “has eyes that go the color of Liquid Paper when she reads someone’s mind” is a bit noticeable and you’d think someone would see, so that I agree with.

    However, I will say, I am now going to probably go get your book and see if there are any real similarities or if it’s just the titles that are similar.

  6. Kimberly Says:

    This is the author of Forever 15. I watched Forever 16. My issues with Forever 16, after watching it, have little to do with copyright. Forever 16 has similar themes to my book, but that is where the similarities end. Honestly, I think Lifetime could have done better had they approached me. Not to buy the rights of Forever Fifteen, because I would not have sold them to Lifetime. They might have utilized me as a consultant to make Forever 16 into something worth watching.

    My problem with what Lifetime does to otherwise good material: they are too safe and too unwilling to take risks.

    For instance, calling it Forever 16 versus the alliterative, far more catchy “Forever Fifteen”. Already, we have to make her sixteen years old? Why? She’s still jailbait.

    Raven Highgate is a watered-down Lucia Alberti (the teenage vampire protagonist of Forever Fifteen) trying to exist rather than thrive in a modern day high school setting. Raven drinks blood from blood bags. Lucy drinks it straight from the slit throats of disgusting, perverted, schizoid kiddy diddlers. Why? She takes their life essence, not just their blood, so a blood bag just won’t do, neither will a large, predatory animal (Twilight).
    Raven ends up working with the cops whereas in my series, Lucy runs from the cops and depends on her evil sire every now and then to pay them off.
    Most frustrating to me was Raven’s appearance and behavior. Raven acts like a typical rich, bratty teenager going through an alternative phase. Lucy would not DREAM of acting that way. First of all, Raven’s job at a record store. You’ve got to be kidding. No way would a character who was trying to keep her lifestyle on the down low have a “cool” job or ride a motorbike. That’s ridiculous. Then, add the fact she shows up late and is surly about it, often spacing out and going all white-eyed in public. Lucy lives in fear of her fangs showing in public and does everything to hide it. Lucy fears shining in any way, dulling her academic abilities and her athletic ones, in order to blend into a suburban high school setting. She eschews make-up and wears giant, shapeless T-shirts much to the chagrin of her young, male teenage pursuer, John Diedermayer. Spoiler: he notices her anyway.

    From what I understand, Lifetime had great success with its most recent forays into V.C. Andrews novels: Flowers In The Attic, Petals on the Wind, etc. What makes Flowers In The Attic interesting is clear plot twists, defined characters, and tension. I wish Lifetime would not be so tactful and tepid in its approach of plotting — it is clear they only stuck with Flowers In The Attic’s original plot because V.C. Andrews fans would have been pissed had they done otherwise and rendered her stories with typical bland Lifetime impotence. I expect they will be trying to obtain My Sweet Audrina and the Heaven series next in order to follow up their successes, but what they fail to realize is that it is boldness, not V.C. Andrews in particular, that wins audiences.

  7. kimberly Says:

    Oh, and as far as grotesque, melodramatic incest novels go… I have a pretty lurid, graphic one myself. It’s called River’s Heart.

  8. Amanda Says:

    I never had heard of Forever 15 before I stumbled across the movie Forever 16. I know I haven’t read the book but just from reading the comments here I would say they are different because to me a 15 year old is in a different mind frame to most 16 year olds. Plus as you have mentioned the 15 year old is more on destroying & getting rid of sickos, where as in 16 they are working on a bigger picture. Plus in 16 it has been filmed to look like it could be turned into a TV show. I really liked the movie it’s showing a different take on vampires. I’m sorry if you all disagree but everyone has a title to how they felt but with this movie I feel that younger teens or pre teens could watch the movie

  9. Observation Says:

    Not a great movie. But considering the budget….

    However, young vampires frozen in time is a timeless old plot. For instance The Vampire LeStat by Anne Rice written in 1985 has several child vampire characters. Forever 15 might be the first book to center on that concept for the main character. Or not. The Saga of Darren Shan by Darren Shan, published in January 2000 has a teen vampire. And its movie came out in 2009.

    But yeah the title is a bit of a copy. On the other hand book titles are frequently recycled due to limited variations of such a brief format.

  10. iam_jg Says:

    Since stories of vampires have been ‘recycled’ for longer than I’ve been alive, I’m sure there’s going to be Some similarities between newer books that are published/movies that are produced and previous copy rights. That Doesn’t mean the Entire story line is the Same.

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